If you’re anything like us, it is almost weekly when we find ourselves thinking “where can we get some excellent Chinese food in Melbourne?”

So, where would be the best Chinese restaurants in Melbourne? Being that it is kind of our job we have scoured the city to obtain the best fried rice, pork buns, and, of course, dumplings for you to sink your teeth into.

Let’s get right into it; keep reading to discover the best restaurants in Melbourne…

Din Tai Fung

Located in CBD

On the top floor of Emporium, dumpling juggernaut Din Tai Fung allows you to combine two of the greatest things on earth: shopping and dumplings. This Chinese haven was set by dumpling master Din Tai Fung (makes sense) who opened his first restaurant in Taiwan back in 1974, and today has a bazillion shops all across the planet. It is safe to say this guy knows what he is doing.

Dainty Sichuan

Located at South Yarra

One of Melbourne’s original Chinese places, Dainty Sichuan is the heart of great Asian nosh. Somewhat different from the typical restaurants, Dainty boasts a lavish and colossal interior; the entry is dominated by a fountain and the statue of a Buddha. The walls are adorned with artwork, and you are dining on tables complete with hotplates. Sichuan (A city in China) is famous for its love of chilli, with hotpots and beef dishes being the most popular items on the menu. With good reason: they are delicious. We Highly recommend.

Simon’s Peiking Duck

Located at Box Hill

The spelling may be a bit off, but Simon’s Peiking Duck is home to a number of the very ultra-affordable Peking duck in Melbourne. Regrettably, the man himself, Simon Lay (the godfather of Melbourne Chinese food) passed away in early 2017. The business is still running, and the duck is as excellent as ever. You may get two “peiking duck” banquet bargains, and each set contains a tender entire duck with soft homemade pancakes, crispy duck skin, refreshing spring onion, cucumbers and special plum sauce. Banquets come with noodles, plus veggies or bean curd. This is our favourite meal for 2 in Melbs.

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