When it comes to food festivals, Melbourne’s got it all; from garlic bread into chicken parma to espresso martinis, there is no shortage of fresh, unusual and creative approaches to food or beverages.

So it comes as no surprise that Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery is launching its own first-ever Brownie Festival. That is right, the geniuses behind the Rocky Road Festival are out to make you overdose on chocolate.

The Chocolaterie chocolate fingers have generated 16 kinds of brownies, including Brownie Bombs, Brownie Pops, and Brownie Bites that you enjoy every day of this festival. Head to the Pod Cafe to drool over the whole brownie range and then catch an indulgent tasting dish of Brownie Bites, Brownie Dessert Pizzas, Brownie Sundaes and Brownie-inspired ice cream flavours.

You may also discover a bountiful choice of Brownie creations in their Ultimate Brownie Tasting Sessions with ten sensational Brownie Bites, while sipping on cleansing cocoa teas and complete with a Brownie Bomb and Brownie Ice Cream.

And from reading this, in case, you haven’t experienced death by chocolate, the traditional Brownie of the Chocolaterie are also available during the festival, in addition to all year’round. Since you know what’s far better? More brownies.

The Brownie Festival is on from Wednesday, 12 June until Sunday, 23 June. Bookings are essential for the sessions, so be sure you book ahead.

What: Brownie Festival
When: Wed Sun, 23 Jun 2019
Where: Ice & Yarra Valley Chocolaterie Creamery, 35 Yarra Glen, Old Healesville Rd

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