Coffee beans start their journey in the many countries around the world that grow specialty coffee. The beans are picked by hand and carefully selected by pickers who are knowledgeable about the preferred brewing style of The Beanery. After they have been sorted, they move to a cupping room where experts called ‘cuppers’ taste test them to determine their quality. Once they pass inspection, the beans are then bagged up and sent off to Melbourne. When the bags arrive in Melbourne, it’s time for The Beanery’s roasters to get involved in order to produce your perfect cup of coffee. They carefully check the beans for quality and roast them according to their preferred brewing style. After roasting, it’s time for grinding before being placed into cups ready for you! The journey of your coffee beans is a long process that involves many farmers from around the world as well as experts from The Beanery who work hard each day so that you can enjoy your brew with a great look and taste!

The roasted coffee beans come from small business roasters and larger factories, where the beans are carefully selected to meet your exact specifications. After the selection process, it is time for them to be roasted. Roasting companies use their house blends or create special blends that guarantee an excellent experience for you. Finally, the fresh roasted coffee beans Melbourne are delivered directly to our customers so that they can enjoy a cup of quality coffee every day! Whether you’re using a single origin bean or multiple roasters, our experts ensure that each customer has a unique and enjoyable experience with their cup of java!

The journey of your coffee beans in Melbourne starts with red coffee cherries, bursting with floral aromas. We use a mini roaster to carefully roast these cherries and extract the fragrant oil from the beans. After this process, we apply a natural method called pyrolysis to develop the wild fruit flavour and mild acidity of each batch. Each cup of brew is then tested for taste and looked at by our expert roasters before it reaches you! Our attention to detail ensures that every cup has the perfect balance between flavour notes, aroma, body and finish – making it an unforgettable experience. From bean selection to packaging, each step along the way is carefully monitored to guarantee that every cup lives up to its potential!

The journey of your coffee beans in Melbourne begins with selecting the best green coffee beans from around the world. At the processing station, the green coffee beans are sorted and graded according to quality before being sent for roasting.

fresh roasted coffee beans melbourne

Roasting processes involve exact temperatures and exact times for small batches, which releases flavours and aromas that are essential for any cup of coffee. There are three main ways in which bean processing is done: air roast, drum roast, or convection roast. Once complete, your daily cups of coffee have been created with quality and perfection!

From the moment the green coffee beans are sourced from many different countries, they start their journey to become the delicious beverage that you enjoy in Melbourne. The Fairtrade coffee beans are carefully chosen for their premium arabic characteristics and placed in sisal bags before being transported to Melbourne. At this point, they are roasted to perfection, creating an exquisite aroma and a beautiful colour. The jute bags protect them as they make their way through warehouses, store shelves and eventually end up in your cup!

Fresh coffee starts with hand-crafted coffee, carefully selected green coffee beans from Griffiths Bros. The incredible team at the roasting plant carefully art roast each batch of beans to perfection. This ensures that each cup of fresh coffee provides a unique taste for cafe customers around Melbourne. As the beans are roasted and packaged in hessian sacks, they travel to cafes all over Melbourne, giving customers an opportunity to experience their amazing taste and aroma! The journey of your coffee beans in Melbourne is an important part of the local coffee community and culture – providing great experiences for both cafe owners and their customers alike.

Three Thousand Thieves is a coffee roaster based in Melbourne, bringing together the best beans from around the world. This coffee philosophy is shared by coffee Dylan Hewitt and his team of ‘Thieves’ members – aiming to provide customers with a flavour voyage every time they sip their beverage. The journey begins with the open road – wide open for exploration and discovery. Coffee Dylan hand selects each bean himself, ensuring only the finest quality makes it into your cup – beginning your flavour voyage.

The coffee is then batch roasted to perfection in Melbourne, creating a unique blend of specialty and excellent brew. From there, the coffee is supplied to local cafes and brew houses all over Melbourne. Each cup of this hand crafted blend provides a great taste and an even greater experience. The quality of the bean, flavour from the roast and atmosphere from your favourite local cafe all come together for one great cup! Through the journey of your coffee beans in Melbourne, you can be sure that you’re receiving a quality product with every sip – ensuring each cup is full of flavour and love!

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