The 2021 interior design trends are all about expressive maximalism, with bright colours and designs that will create a joyous start to the new year. 2022 interior design trends are leaning towards elegant elements, with home decor that is slightly more minimalistic. Decor trends for 2022 will focus on maximalist interiors, which means incorporating lots of different textures and designs in your rooms. Interior design tips suggest adding bright coloured furniture and accessories to create an eye-catching look that you can be proud of. Home decor should focus on creating an atmosphere of elegance and comfort as well as giving your space a unique character. Design trends such as brass accents, velvet textures, geometric shapes, etc., can help bring life into any room while staying true to the overall theme of the house or apartment. Decor trends such as bold prints or modern artwork can also help give a room personality while keeping it stylish at the same time.

The top design trends of 2023 home decor are all about creating an inviting space and making it unique. Wallpaper trends have followed suit, with bold colours and geometric designs becoming popular choices. Bathroom trends also cover everything from fixtures to tile designs and beyond. A trend refresh is one of the hot topics when it comes to homes, as homeowners want their designs to be up-to-date but still timeless.

With the new year quickly approaching, it’s time to take a look at what’s in and what’s out of the interior design world. On Decormatters Blog, we have seen some of the latest home decor trends that are making waves this season. Popular paint shades, bold furniture pieces, and updated accessories are just a few of the trends that are dominating in 2020. The wider trend right now is for minimalistic designs with an emphasis on natural materials like wood and stone. We’re also seeing more colour being used to add warmth and vibrancy to homes; from soft pastels to bright jewel tones, there is something for everyone when it comes to popular paint shades this season.

eclectic homewares

Match concrete accents with bold, monochromatic colour palettes or opt for warmer colours like reds and oranges to add a regal touch to your decor. As far as furniture designs are concerned, the latest interior design trends favour more modern pieces with clean lines and bold details. If you’re looking for something more classic, then you can also find timeless designs that will never go out of style. For a truly unique look, mix and match different design trends from various eras – think vintage furniture paired with contemporary upholstery and pastel coloured accents. The key is to create an eclectic yet cohesive look that reflects your personality and taste.

Something cosy and intimate, like a perfect breakfast nook in the kitchen or a village-style apartment, is very much in. A curated Pinterest page should be your go-to for inspiration on how to best showcase charming parts of your home. White photo clusters and coordinated bookshelves are also on trend, as well as adding subtle splashes of colour to rooms. The key is to create a look that feels cosy and inviting – perfect for winding down after a long day or gathering with friends. Ultimately, the latest eclectic homewares are all about creating an atmosphere that reflects your personality while still being stylish and modern.

Plan living spaces to make the most of your home and create inviting interiors that are on trend. Modern kitchen extensions can be used to great effect and Livingetc love the idea of extending ideas into the home office space. Clean lines, colour palettes, and uncluttered spaces are all popular this season, with a focus on scandi-style rooms in muted shades. The kitchen is an area where you can really show off your colour palette; whether you opt for a bright and bold look or prefer something more subtle. Ultimately, whatever trends you choose to follow, remember that they should enhance your living environment while still remaining practical and functional.

Interior designer Anna says that fixtures like chandeliers and statement lighting fixtures are out, while stone fireplaces, floor lamps and wood furnishings are in. The House Collective also notes the popularity of indoor plants in homes as they bring a sense of life to living spaces. Additionally, designs and textures should be considered carefully as they create atmosphere in your home. Anna suggests that mixing modern and vintage elements is one way to create an interesting look for any home. For example, combining a stone fireplace with eclectic furniture or adding vintage rugs to wooden floors can give your house a unique feel. Ultimately, when creating your interior design plan for the home it’s important to consider the latest trends but also keep an eye on functionality and practicality so you get the best out of your space.

Interior design experts, such as Milc Interiors, can help you curate the perfect design plan to ensure your home looks quaint and airy. Design trends come and go but it’s important to choose pieces that will last. Colour trends may change from season to season but it’s good practice to opt for colours that are timeless and will look great in years to come. New tab pieces are also a great way of adding unique designs into your home without spending a fortune.

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